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International Links and Sister Cities


The Sister Cities movement was conceived in 1947 and fostered by former American President, Dwight D. Eisenhower.  His efforts saw the formation of a worldwide network to champion peace and prosperity by fostering bonds between people from different communities. The ultimate aim of appreciating and celebrating these differences is to lessen the chance of new conflicts.

Sister Cities Australia (SCA) was formed in 1982 to promote the ideals of friendship, both nationally and internationally with exchanges between cities and nations. In some cases, economic and business objectives are being included as part of formal agreements with the potential to generate export trade and the transfer of technology.

SCA acts as a conduit to match cities and towns in Australia with partners from overseas and those within Australia seeking a sister city relationship. Many of these exhibit multiple links. SCA also conducts National conferences in different locations throughout Australia with international speakers delivering keynote addresses.

Today, Australian cities and towns have over 500 sister city affiliations throughout the world with the number of affiliations increasing every year.  

Blacktown Council

Blacktown City Council has 4 Sister City partnerships and an agreement with the League of Cities, Philippines . 

Porirua, New Zealand

Suseong Gu, Daegu City, Republic of Korea

Liaocheng, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China

Liverpool Plains, New South Wales, Australia

League of Cities of the Philippines

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