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Mayoral History Prize

What is the Mayoral History Prize?

The Blacktown City Mayoral History Prize was first awarded in 2008. The aim of the Mayoral History Prize is to encourage an interest in the rich and diverse history of Blacktown City. We welcome entries with an indigenous focus or theme.

You can choose a topic, or check the list of suggestions on the website. If you are unsure about the topic you have chosen, please contact the Local History Librarian for help on (02) 9839 6622 or email

The winner(s) will receive a cash prize and all entrants will receive a certificate of achievement.  Entries will be added to the Local History collection at Blacktown City Libraries. The winning entry in each section will be added to Blacktown Memories on the Library’s website.

Mayoral History Prize Guidelines

Who can enter?

We welcome entries from:

  • Anyone who lives in Blacktown City
  • Anyone who goes to school in Blacktown City
  • Anyone who is a member of a community organisation or sporting club in Blacktown City.

What do I have to do?

Your entry must be about the history and heritage of Blacktown City Council area. Entries can be any of the following:

  • Researched work, for example an essay, story, book, or article that has not been published before
  • Family or personal histories
  • Oral history interviews. Record an interview and send in with a brief outline of the topic (no need to edit the recording)
  • Artworks, including photographs can be submitted as part of an entry (include a brief summary about the image or artwork)
  • Multimedia presentation, including video or PowerPoint presentation (include a brief summary about the topic)

How are entries judged?

Entries will be judged on the depth and quality of the work and its potential to:

  • Focus on the history and heritage of Blacktown City
  • Improve the public’s understanding of the history and heritage of Blacktown City
  • Make a significant contribution to the research and recording of the history and heritage of Blacktown City.


Entries will be judged in the following categories:

  • 17 years and over – total prize money $1,000
  • Year 7-9 total prize money $250. If your school or community organisation is in the Blacktown City area, they will receive $250
  • Year 10-12 total prize money $250. If your school or community organisation is in the Blacktown City area, they will receive $250.

Council may split the prize money or make no award in any year.

Entry Conditions

  1. Entries are open until Monday 31 July 2017.An official entry form must be sent with the entry. You can submit a print or electronic copy of your entry.  Email entries to
  2. Your written entry must be at least 500 words. Entries must be original and have not been published before unless significant changes have been made to the content.
  3. You must live, attend school or belong to a community group in the Blacktown City area.
  4. You must certify that this is your own work. If you use material from other sources, you must include references in your work.
  5. A list of sources (bibliography) must be included for written submissions.
  6. If the work is in another language, you will need to submit a translation in English.
  7. You give Council permission to use your work for promotional purposes and make it accessible to the public for research purposes.
  8. You must obtain copyright permission for any images that you use in the work (including newspaper articles).
  9. Once the competition is finished, entries may be added to the Local History Collection.
  10. Winning entries may be added to the website.
  11. Independent judges are chosen each year. The decision of the judges is final.
  12. Blacktown Council staff, members of Council, their partners and members of their immediate families cannot win the award.

Looking for ideas?

If you're looking for ideas why not use one of these topics.

  • Photograph a building or person from the area and tell us about the story of the image
  • Oral history – record a person’s story about living, working or going to school in the Blacktown area
  • Artwork – draw, paint or sketch a building, location or person
  • Timeline – what events have happened in Blacktown during your lifetime?
  • Tell the story of Blacktown’s past history and heritage
  • Tell the story of your school, club, church or workplace
  • Explore how your street has changed over time
  • The history of a sporting or community event
  • Changes in how we live, for example, shopping, transport or way of life
  • Your family’s links with Blacktown’s past (family history)
  • Weather events / storms / floods
  • How sporting and community activities have changed in the City.

A selection of past entries is available to read here.