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Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens


Knox Road
Doonside NSW 2767

Getting There

Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens is easily accessible by car or Public Transport. For detailed instructions on how to get to the centre, see the maps below.

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Located within Nurragingy Reserve, Knox Rd, Doonside, this exquisite garden was cooperatively designed and constructed by Blacktown City Council and Liaocheng Municipal Government in China, as a symbolic gesture of friendship between the two sister cities. 

The garden was named the Chang Lai Yuan, which was derived by adopting one character from each of the names Dongchang, which is the former name of the City of Liaocheng and Blacktown, when translated from Chinese (Bu Lai Ke Cheng). Yuan is the Chinese translation for ‘garden’. 

The architectural style of the structures within the garden is based on the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty in China, and feature a Gateway, Seven Arch Stone Bridge, Light Mountain Pavillion and a Waterfall Gazebo. Very picturesque, stunning and relaxing.

To view the official dedication of the Pou Pou that was held on Friday 23 May 2014, please go to .

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Photo of Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens

Location Map