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Biodiversity Strategy

The Biodiversity Strategy is a compilation of existing legislation and data relating to biodiversity throughout the Blacktown Local Government Area (LGA) under Council's care and control.

It provides a comprehensive and complete set of maps that inform Council of the natural environment and local flora and fauna within our LGA. It also provides a review of all relevant international, national, state, regional and local legislation, conventions and regulations resulting in the identification of Council's obligations and opportunities in regards to biodiversity management.

It is not a prescriptive document but provides a comprehensive reference for Council regarding biodiversity related information, forming a centralised reference for Council when considering biodiversity related matters.

The National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity (DEST 1996) defines biodiversity (or biological diversity) as The variety of all living things, including plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain, and the ecosystems of which they form a part. It is not static, but is constantly changing: it is increased by genetic change and evolutionary processes and reduced by processes such as habitat degradation, population decline, and extinction.

Protecting biodiversity is important because of its role in sustaining natural processes, such as nutrient cycling, soil formation and pollination. Maintaining biodiversity is essential for the survival of healthy ecosystems.

The vision for the Strategy is:

To conserve, restore and enhance biological diversity and ecosystem health, particularly threatened species, populations and communities, in the Blacktown Local Government Area.

Implementation of the Strategy aims to:

  • Conserve, restore and enhance remnant endangered ecological communities and the flora and fauna which they support within the LGA
  • Recognise and respect the strong link between western Sydney?s Aboriginal community and biodiversity
  • Provide strategies for the effective long-term management and viability of remnant vegetation and ecosystems, including edge expansion and improved connectivity
  • Inform appropriate planning controls to assist in achieving the vision and objectives of the Strategy
  • Ameliorate threats to biodiversity
  • Establish Blacktown City Council as a leader in establishing biodiverse-based carbon forests
  • Ensure adequate communication within Council and with stakeholders, including the community, regarding the conservation and management of bushland remnants and biodiversity
  • Provide appropriate management structures and resources to support the Strategy


Click on the link on the left to view a copy of the Biodiversity Strategy 2011-2020

If you have any questions regarding the biodiversity strategy or protect natural areas near you please call council on 9839 6000.




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