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About Indian Myna Birds

Common Indian Mynas originated in India and were brought to Melbourne in 1862 to control insect pests in market gardens. Although this plan was not successful, the birds were taken to other places in Australia, including North Queensland with the aim of controlling insect pests attracted to sugar cane. The birds have subsequently established feral populations. Common Indian Mynas are now considered pests in many parts of the world, and are one of only 3 bird species that are on the top 100 list of the world's most invasive species

Identifying Indian Myna Birds

Indian Myna's are medium sized birds, predominantly brown with a black head and wings. The birds have a characteristic yellow beak, feet and patch around the eyes. The Indian Myna is sometimes confused with the native Noisy Miner. Noisy Miners are predominantly grey, with flesh coloured feet, but also have a yellow beak and a yellow patch around their eyes Noisy Miners are protected and must be released if trapped.For more information on identifying Indian Myna Birds view Council's Fact Sheet below.





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