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Angus Creek Stormwater Harvesting Scheme

What is being built in Angus Creek and the Blacktown International Sportspark?

Blacktown City Council, in partnership with the Australian Government, is building the Angus Creek Stormwater Harvesting Project which is able to collect and clean 200 million litres of stormwater per year. This is equivalent to 80 Olympic sized swimming pools. The water will be used to irrigate the Blacktown International Sportspark fields, Anne Aquilina Reserve, Kareela Reserve and Charlie Bali Reserve, and top up the Nurringingy ornamental lakes. This project will also provide water for flushing toilets in the facilities of these reserves.

Blacktown as a water sensitive city

Blacktown City Council is committed to improve the way Council manages its water to provide a livable city and protect its unique waterways. By undertaking projects like the Angus Creek Stormwater Harvesting Project, Council is securing a sustainable water supply and improving the health of Angus Creek.

Construction timeframes

Council will start construction in late 2013 and the system will be completed by mid 2014.

What is stormwater?

Rain falling on your roof, driveway, pavers and footpath flows untreated into the street gutters and is carried away through a system of pipes. The pipes, or storm water system, carry the water and any pollution collected on the way straight into the local waterways. Project funding The project is being funded by Blacktown City Council through the Environmental Stormwater Management Program and the Australian Government’s National Urban Water and Desalination Plan: Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Grants. The grant funding being provided by the Australian Government is for $2.2 million which is being matched by Blacktown City Council.

How will the system work?

Off take point

The project will harvest up to 200 million litres of stormwater from Angus Creek. Angus Creek is a highly urbanised catchment that encompasses the suburbs of Rooty Hill and Minchinbury and is 655ha in size. Angus Creek catchment generates about 2 billion litres of stormwater each year. Water will only be harvested in storm events and will ensure that an environmental flow is not taken. Once the stormwater is collected from the creek it will be pumped through a gross pollution trap to collect litter, branches, leaves, dirt and sand. 

Storage Wetlands 

After the litter trap, the water will flow into the existing wetlands surrounding the AFL and Cricket fields. Here, the majority of sediment and heavy metals will drop to the bottom of the wetlands. Plants on the outer edge of the wetlands will also filter nutrients and pollutants from the water. 

Treatment Wetlands 

After the storage wetlands, the water will be pumped into a treatment wetland system. Aquatic plants will absorb excess nutrients, heavy metals and hydrocarbons. This will act as a polishing system for the water and reduce the amount of mechanical treatment required at later stages.

Treatment and storage tanks

A mechanical treatment system cleans the water so it can be used for irrigation and toilet flushing before being stored in large tanks. Once the water reaches the storage tanks it can be pumped around the Sportspark and across to Anne Aquilina Reserve, Charlie Bali Reserve, Kareela Reserve, and Nurragingy Reserve to be used for watering the sporting fields and for flushing toilets located at these facilities.  

What are the main benefits of the project?

  • Reduces Council’s water bill each year - The switch from mains water to stormwater will save approximately $400,000/year in water bills (based on current water costs). This cost saving will increase when the cost of water increases.
  • When drought returns water restrictions could impact the sporting teams that use the fields (Baseball, AFL, Cricket, Softball, Soccer etc). This project will ensure that the managers of the sporting fields can water fields even during water restriction periods.
  • Improves the condition of the creek - The project will improve the health of Angus Creek by only taking the stormwater during rain events, which is normally high in nutrients and pollutants. By harvesting the stormwater,Council is reducing the amount of pollutants travelling downstream and into Eastern Creek. A basin collects and stores the stormwater from Angus Creek until it is pumped through a litter trap and into the wetlands in the Sportspark. In storm events, harvesting this stormwater reduces the amount of fast, damaging flows which can erode the creek channels and flush away native fish and insects. The lower sections of Angus Creek are important habitat for fish such as the Australian Bass.

This information is also available in PDF

For more information on the Angus Creek Stormwater Harvesting Scheme contact:

Blacktown City Council

Asset Design Services
Phone: 9839 6000


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