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Catchments, Creeks and Wetlands

A catchment is a drainage area that supplies water to wetlands and waterways. Each catchment is separated by higher land such as hills or mountains that direct the water flow towards wetlands or waterways. Everyone lives in a catchment so we all impact on the water that enters wetlands and waterways.

Wetlands can be constructed (made by humans) or natural. They are areas that are wet for a long enough period that the plants and animals living in them are adapted to, and often dependent on, living in wet conditions for at least part of their life cycle.

Water in the Blacktown Local Government Area (LGA) drains via paved surfaces, pipes, channels and waterways into two major catchments for the Parramatta River and the Hawkesbury River.

Within these two major catchments there are three smaller catchments that cover the Blacktown Local Government Area including:

The Upper Parramatta River Catchment which drains into the Parramatta River

  • The Prospect Creek Catchment which includes Prospect Reservoir and its surrounding lands and drains into the Georges River and also supplies water to the Sydney region.
  • The South Creek Catchment which includes the smaller Eastern Creek Catchment and drains into the Hawkesbury Nepean River
  • The Cattai Creek Catchment which drainage into the Hawkesbury Nepean River further downstream than the South Creek Catchment.


Map: Main Catchments in the Blacktown LGA

The main waterways in the catchments are shown on the map below. The map also shows whether the creeks are piped, concrete lined or exist as natural creeks.

The main creeks in the Upper Parramatta River Catchment include:

The main creeks in the South Creek Catchment include:

The main creeks in the Cattai Creek Catchment include:

  • Caddies Creek
  • First Ponds Creek
  • Second Ponds Creek


Map: Main Creeks in the Blacktown LGA

There are also a number of wetlands which are both natural and constructed throughout the Blacktown LGA including:


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