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Plumpton Park Wetland


 Plumpton Park is a recreational park located on Hyatts Road at Plumpton that includes bushland and wetland areas. The wetland system is 2 hectares in size with approximately 10 hectares of bushland. The wetlands treat water from 100 hectares of residential area. Plumpton Park Wetlands flow into Bells Creek. There are swamp areas near Plumpton Park that are of significance to the Darug people. Hatchet heads (old Aboriginal artefacts) have been found in this area.


Plumpton Park Wetlands were built to prevent water pollution from urban stormwater. This constructed wetland also aims to reduce flood heights, widen existing parks and nature reserves, cater for recreational activities and encourage animal life. Plumpton Park Wetlands are part of a long-term program to regenerate the Hawkesbury River system, which is vital to the Sydney region.


At the start of the wetlands a Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) traps larger rubbish, and the water plants in the wetland trap smaller rubbish and sediment that passes through the GPT. Plant species in this wetland have been chosen carefully and planted to help soak up the nutrients in the water. The moat area of the wetland contains two wildlife refuge islands with threatened Cumberland Plain Woodland species and provides a habitat for animals


The Gross Pollutant trap at Plumpton Park Wetlands



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