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Kmart Flushed Out Over Toilets

17 March 2017

Blacktown City Council and the local Kmart are at odds over the provision of toilets at the 24-hour seven days a week store that’s nearly a square kilometre in size.

“We have received numerous complaints from customers about the lack of amenities at the store,” said the Mayor of Blacktown City, Stephen Bali.

“In light of these community concerns, and legitimate health issues a lack of amenities poses, we have been forced to issue an order requiring the store to provide public toilets.”

When the Council first approved the site for Blacktown Kmart in the late 60s, it had toilets, but Kmart removed them and converted the space to offices in the 1980s, Mayor Bali said.

The Council has issued an order for the store and its owners, Queensland Investment Corporation, to provide public toilets and has given them given 60 days from February 20 to comply.

“We think it’s outrageous that a global corporation like QIC won’t provide basic amenities for its customers,” said Mayor of Blacktown City Stephen Bali.

“Kmart Blacktown serves thousands of customers every day and the community and Council rightly expect there should be public toilets in such a store.

If the Kmart store was to undergo major development or be approved today, the Building Code of Australia requires sanitary facilities be provided for customers.

The 9200sq m store’s toilet is only available to patrons upon a request to Kmart staff, Mayor Bali said.

“Council has been asking Kmart and QIC to re-instate the toilets since January, but to no avail,” Mayor Bali said.

“The original order gave Kmart 60 days to comply but we are happy to consider an extension of mutually agreed timeframe to allow it to carry out the work.

“We hope the issue can be resolved amicably but should Kmart not cooperate we will consider all options to provide this very basic level of amenity for the shopping public.”


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