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Public hearing into the reclassification of 23 small reserves

Public Hearing date:   1, 5, and 8 June 2017

File No:                        MA2016/0007

Contact Officer:          Anita Riazifar 

On 1, 5 and 8 June 2017, Council held public hearings into our proposal to reclassify 23 small reserves from ‘community’ land to ‘operational’ land.  The hearing was chaired by an independent person as required under the Local Government Act 1993. The reclassification is part of our proposal to rezone the following small reserves from open space to largely residential use:

  • Reserve 134, Redwood Street, Blacktown
  • Reserve 230, Vardys Road, Blacktown
  • Reserve 377, Shadwell Crescent, Kings Langley
  • Reserve 114, Cooinda Street, Seven Hills
  • Reserve 318, Hope Street, Seven Hills
  • Reserve 563, Prospect Highway, Seven Hills
  • Reserve 564, Prospect Highway, Seven Hills
  • Reserve 68, Freeman Street, Lalor Park
  • Reserve 69, Freeman Street, Lalor Park
  • Reserve 181, Hayes Road, Seven Hills
  • Reserve 537, Tallawong Avenue, Blacktown
  • Reserve 105, Walters Road, Blacktown
  • Reserve 40, Archer Street, Blacktown
  • Reserve 159, Caldwell Place, Blacktown
  • Reserve 237, Palmer Place, Blacktown
  • Reserve 452, Musgrove Crescent, Doonside
  • Reserve 455, Wilkie Crescent, Doonside
  • Reserve 488, Siandra Avenue, Shalvey
  • Reserve 631, Crawley Avenue, Hebersham
  • Reserve 698, Edwina Place, Plumpton
  • Reserve 866, Gracilis Way, Bidwill
  • Reserve 402, Carlisle Avenue, Blackett

These reserves are too small for recreation activities and have been identified as not providing for the recreation needs of the community. The Planning Proposal will:

  • Allow Council to dedicate more resources to maintaining and improving its district level reserves which have a much higher recreation and public utility value
  • Facilitate the sale of under-utilised recreation zoned land
  • Amend the minimum lot size and maximum height of building controls applying to the sites.

What will Council do with community feedback?

The independent chairperson has provided Council with a report following the public hearing. In accordance with the provisions of Section 47G of Local Government Act 1993, this report is available for public viewing below and at Council’s Civic Centre.

Appendix 1 - 4 of the report has been removed from public view because they contain personal contact details of public hearing attendees and signatories of a petition which was received at public hearing.

Now the public consultation is completed, we will review all feedback received during public exhibition and at the public hearing.  Consultation for the proposal included the public hearings, and a public exhibition process which occurred between 8 March and 5 April 2017.

The outcome of the public consultation will be reported to Council in August 2017, this is when Council will make its final decision on this matter. There will be an opportunity for members of the public to speak to the elected Council at Council’s Committee and Ordinary Meetings.


All enquiries regarding this Planning Proposal should be directed to the Planning Policy team on 9839 6000.



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