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Filming Policy and Application Form

All proposed Film/TV Production Shoots in Council areas must be subject to a written application for approval to Council's Civic Events Unit, except:

• where filming is of a minor nature eg, news crews - where crew and equipment travel in one vehicle which is no larger than a passenger vehicle;

• where dedicated film location facilities and sites already exist. In this case, filming would proceed according to procedures already agreed.


All applicants must read and complete Filming Policy and Application Form and send to councils events team well in advance of the filming taking place.

Filming Policy Guidelines and Application Form.pdf

Council requires a minimum of seven (7) working days notice in writing for one (1) day or less filming, unless this requires road closures or use of parks reserves when one (1) month's notice will be required.

Such notice to be in writing and to be accompanies by a copy of relevant insurance cover.

Once the form above is complete please send it to:

Mr Peter Filmer
Manager Community Events
Mailing address: PO Box 62
Blacktown NSW 2148
Phone: 9839 6429


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