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Road Safety - Safer Travel

Councils' future in road safety education is aimed at safer travel

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In 2012 and 2013 in the Blacktown LGA there were only:

  • 15.2 crashes for every one million trips taken where a vehicle had to be towed or a person was injured.
  • 3.6 people injured for every million trips taken.
  • 1 person killed for every 33 million trips taken.

This means each person had a 99.9997% chance of successfully avoiding being injured or killed for each trip they made in or through Blacktown.   A performance this close to 100% success is an excellent result and is due to a combination of the abilities of drivers, riders, pedal cyclists and pedestrians and initiatives implemented over several years by Council, Police, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and community groups.

Council’s primary goal is to continue to reduce the number of casualties on our roads.  Council has already committed to the Blacktown City 2030 Corporate Plan that includes Focus Area (11):

 “Endeavour to reduce injuries and fatalities for all road users.”

Council believes community education is a vital strategy to help people in Blacktown improve their performance on the road.

The Blacktown City Council Safer Travel Strategic Plan 2014-2020 can be downloaded here.Safer Travel Strategic Plan 2014-2020

You can obtain more information on the road rules in NSW, the penalties for breaking the rules and other road safety information for Learner and Provisional licence holders at the following RMS links.

Driver’s Licence:

Vehicle registration:

For more information please contact Council's Road Safety Officer on 9839-6000.


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