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Once you have either a Complying Development Certificate or Construction Certificate (following the issue of a Development Consent), you need to appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) before starting work. A PCA is either Council or a private Accredited Certifier who oversees the construction or subdivision process.

The PCA will conduct an inspection of each required stage of construction and issue an Occupation Certificate (for any building work) when all the pre-conditions specified in the Development Consent have been met and the building is suitable for occupation or use in accordance with its classification under the Building Code of Australia.

A Construction Certificate is only valid while the Development Consent is still in effect, so works must be commenced before the Development Consent lapses.

What are the benefits in using Council as an Accredited Certifier and Principal Certifying Authority?

  • Council staff are truly independent. 

  • All of Council's Building Surveyors hold accreditation with the Building Professionals Board as Accredited Certifiers. 

  • Our offices are close and convenient. This also means that we are a short distance from your building site. 

  • Every building surveyor at Blacktown Certification Services has access to all relevant and up to date Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. 

  • Blacktown Certification Services staff have extensive knowledge of the local area. 

  • Blacktown Certification Services Building Surveyors have convenient access to all Council staff, thereby providing one point of contact for all necessary requirements from construction to completion. 

  • Building staff have quick and easy access to the Development Application file, historical files and all Council data. The Development Application file is taken on inspections to enable the Blacktown Certification Services Building Surveyors to make fully informed decisions. 

  • The majority of Development Applications are dealt with by Council's Building Surveyors, meaning that you can deal with the one person throughout the assessment and construction process. 

  • We do not provide certification services outside Blacktown Council local government area which allows Council staff to concentrate on the needs of the local area. 

  • Council provides a 10% discount on Construction Certificate fees when a Construction Certificate application is lodged with your Development Application. 

  • Council does not close down when a staff member is on leave. 

  • Our fees contain no hidden costs. Once you engage Council as an Accredited Certifier or PCA we do not charge for phone calls, letters and other incidentals. Our fees are clearly identified on our fee proposal.  


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