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Blacktown Development Control Plan 2015

Blacktown Development Control Plan 2015 was adopted by Council on 15 July 2015. The DCP is a document which details the various standards, policies and guidelines related to construction and development for the Blacktown Local Government Area.

The BDCP 2015 updates Council’s 2006 DCP primarily to make the document more contemporary and to ensure consistency with Council’s recently gazetted Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2015.

BDCP 2015 only applies to land covered by BLEP 2015. Links to other Development Control Plans for areas outside BLEP 2015 may also be found at the bottom of this page. 

All parts are available for download as PDF's below:

pdf.png Part A - Introduction and General Guidelines.pdf

pdf.png Part B - Development in the Rural Zones.pdf

pdf.png Part C - Development within the Residential Areas

pdf.png Part D - Development in the Business Zones.pdf 

Controls for development in the Business Zones (Part D) are currently under further review. In the interim, the provisions of Part D of Council’s 2006 DCP have been adopted by Council and may be used to provide design guidance for development proponents.

pdf.png Part E - Development in the Industrial Zones.pdf

pdf.png Part F - Telecommunications Facilities.pdf

pdf.png Part G - Site Waste Management and Minimisation.pdf

pdf.png Part H - Landfill Guidelines.pdf

pdf.png Part I - Contaminated Land Guidelines.pdf




pdf.png Part K - Supplementary Provisions for Specific Sites in Established Areas.pdf

pdf.png Part L - Stonecutters Ridge.pdf

pdf.png Part M - The Ponds.pdf

pdf.png Part N - Ashlar Precinct.pdf

Deemed Development Control Plans under State Environmental Planning Policies

In addition to the Blacktown Development Control Plan 2006, there are a number of deemed Development Control Plans contained within various State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs).

Those deemed Development Control Plans (Precinct Plans, Development Control Strategies) are now available below:

Click here to download the North West Growth Centre DCP from the Planning NSW website.

pdf.png Eastern Creek Precinct Plan Stages 1 and 2 - Prepared under SEPP 59.pdf

pdf.png Eastern Creek Precinct Plan Stage 3 - Prepared under SEPP 59.pdf

pdf.png Lot11 Precinct Plan Former Wonderland Site - Prepared under SEPP 59.pdf

pdf.png Raceway Precinct Plan - Prepared under SEPP59.pdf

pdf.png Huntingwood Precinct Development Control Plan - Prepared under Western Sydney Employment Area SEPP 2009.pdf

pdf.png Eastern Precinct Plan Ropes Crossing - Prepared under REP 30 - St Marys.pdf

pdf.png Eastern Precinct Consoidated Development Control Strategy Ropes Crossing - Prepared under REP 30 - St Marys.pdf

pdf.png Ropes Creek Precinct Plan and Development Control Strategy - Prepared under REP 30 - St Marys.pdf

pdf.png Dunheved Precinct Plan and Development Control Strategy - Prepared under REP 30 - St Marys.pdf

Please contact Council on (02) 9839 6000 during business hours if you are unable to download any of these documents.




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