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Swimming Pool Inspection Program

We are contacting property owners to arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect swimming pools and spas.

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 was amended in 2013 to include initiatives to reduce the number of drownings.

The Act now requires:

  • property owners to register their pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register;
  • Council to implement a Swimming Pool Inspection Program;and
  • commencing 29 April 2016, prior to the sale or lease of a property, an owner must obtain a Certificate of Compliance for the swimming pool.


Our Inspection Program

Council's adopted Swimming Pool Inspection Program is:
To inspect all swimming pools in the City to ensure compliance with the Swimming Pools Act and associated standards. 

Pools will be inspected in the following order of priority:

a.    Inspect swimming pools following an application for a compliance certificate
b.    Inspect pools following receipt of Customer Action Request regarding non-compliant fencing.
c.    Inspect pools on receipt of notices from a private certifier.
d.    Inspect pools associated with the tourist visitor accommodation and multi residential developments.
e.    Carry out random inspections on a street by street basis, with streets selected based on the first letter of the street name, with the letter selected randomly.

Swimming pool inspections are charged the regulated fee of $150 for an initial inspection, with a singular additional $ 100 fee to cover all re inspections.

This approach is seen as being the fairest way to inspect pools across the city without passing compliance costs on to residents who don't have a pool.

Need more information ?

For more information or to book an inspection, please contact our Information Centre on (02) 9839-6000.


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