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North West Growth Sector

The North West Growth Centre covers approximately 10,000 hectares of land, located within the LGA boundaries of Blacktown, The Hills and Hawkesbury councils. Future urban development within the Growth Centre will accommodate up to 70,000 new homes and account for a total population of around 200,000 people.

The State Government started planning for the Growth Centres in 2003 to streamline the supply of greenfield land for urban development in Sydney. The strategic vision for the Growth Centre is set out in the North West Structure Plan, which was adopted by the NSW Government in 2006.

The North West Growth Centre is divided into 16 Precincts, 12 of which are located within the Blacktown LGA. The Precincts are released in stages by the State Government to allow the proper planning and coordination of infrastructure delivery for future urban development.

Council works closely with the State Government in producing a Precinct Plan for released Precincts. The Precinct Plan includes a zoning change and introduction of development controls.

Council also prepares a Section 94 Contributions Plan for the release area to cover the costs of local infrastructure.

Relevant documents include:
• Growth Centres Development Code - provides the basis for the planning and design of Precincts and neighbourhoods and guides the studies required during precinct planning
• State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 - the environmental planning instrument which sets controls for the North West and South West Growth Centres of Sydney
• Blacktown City Council Growth Centre Precincts Development Control Plan 2010 - provides the planning, design and environmental objectives and controls against which council will assess development applications
• Blacktown City Council Section 94 Contributions Plans – outlines the required contributions towards local infrastructure that will be levied on development consents.

Further information on the North West Growth Centre and Precincts within the Blacktown LGA is available on the State Government website.


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