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Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan

Council resolved to prepare a Masterplan for the Riverstone Town Centre.

The Riverstone Town Centre lies at the heart of an area of major growth. The Riverstone area could be home to close to 30,000 new residents in the next 20 to 30 years.  The Town Centre will need to grow to service the needs of the people who live, visit and work in the local area.

We hope to create a vibrant and accessible Town Centre that respects Riverstone’s heritage characteristics. In order to support this vision, Blacktown City Council is preparing a Masterplan for the Town Centre. To support the planning process, Council has engaged a number of experts in various aspects of urban planning and renewal.

The study area is generally within a 400m radius from Riverstone Railway Station. It is bordered by Elizabeth Street in the south, Piccadilly Street to the east, King Street to the north and the Richmond Railway Line to the west.

It is envisaged that the Masterplan will create a thriving, economically viable, well-designed and safe Town Centre.  It will include recommendations on land uses, density and scale of development within the Town Centre, which will be implemented through amendments to the Blacktown Local Environmental Plan and Blacktown Development Control Plan.

Through the Masterplan we aim to manage the growth and future development of the Riverstone Town Centre by:
• defining the extent of the Town Centre
• providing sufficient capacity for growth in employment, business, housing, community and recreation facilities
• developing precincts and places that attract people and investment
• identifying improvements to the public domain
• connecting places and spaces to and within the Town Centre.

The master plan will be supported by economic and transport analysis.

The development of the Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan is still in the early stages and we are committed to the ongoing consultation with the community as planning for the area progresses.

Further information on the Masterplan project can be found here.

pdf Information Sheet - Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan.pdf



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