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Blacktown Medical Precinct Resident Parking Permit

This parking scheme is for residents within the Blacktown Medical Precinct near the Blacktown Hospital

What are the benefits of permit parking?

Permit parking is part of an overall parking strategy for the Blacktown Medical Precinct to:

  • Deliver a better balance of parking space for residents, businesses and visitors;
  • Maximise the parking space already in place;

Who can apply for a parking permit?

Occupants of all residential properties in the BMP are eligible for a parking permit (subject to conditions). Occupants of commercial or medical properties are ineligible to receive parking permits.

How do I get a parking permit?

You can apply for a permit in person at Council’s Administration Centre, 62 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown. To obtain a parking permit you need to complete an application and include the following documents (current within three months and showing the same mailing address as the premises being applied for):

  • NSW Driver’s Licence
  • NSW vehicle registration
  • Two different Utility Bills (in the name of the resident of the property) or
  • one Utility Bill and a current Rental Lease Agreement (showing the name of the resident of the property).

What proof must I show to be eligible for a parking permit?

To be eligible to participate in the scheme a person must be a permanent resident within the precinct. Any person who is registered on the Electoral Roll as a resident within the precinct is considered qualified. Other acceptable forms of proof of residency are listed on the application form.

How many permits am I eligible for?

Households can apply for one parking permit.

How was the permit parking trial developed?

Council undertook a parking study of the entire Blacktown Medical Precinct, bounded by Bungarribee Road, Flushcombe Road and the Main Western Railway (see map). As part of the study, surveys were undertaken to determine existing parking demands.

Council also held a public meeting on 20 October 2015 at Blacktown Civic Centre, inviting residents and stakeholders who are affected by parking congestion in the precinct.Residents who attended the public meeting generally supported the introduction of a permit parking scheme, provided permits were available for all residential properties.

How do permit parking areas work?

The Blacktown Medical Precinct permit parking area code B1 is shown on the signs. The vehicle needs to display a valid B1 permit to park beyond the time limit shown on the sign.

A parking permit does not give any special rights within the signposted area. There are no exemptions from ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Stopping’ areas, parking close to corners, double parking, or any other parking or traffic rules.

What happens if two separate people in the one house want to request a permit?

A maximum of 1 parking permit can be held by each property.

I’ve lost or misplaced a permit. Can I order a replacement?

Yes, residents can apply for a replacement permit. If the original permit is found, the replacement permit must be returned to the Blacktown Administrative Centre immediately.

Can any parking permit be used in my area?

Other Council permits are not valid for use in Blacktown Council’s parking permit zone. Likewise, Blacktown City Council permits are not valid for use in other Council permit zones.

How do I properly display my permit?

The permit must be displayed on the inside of the front windscreen on the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Why doesn’t parking start from the corner of the street?

Under the Road Rules, the first 10 metres from the intersection is strictly ‘No Stopping’. So timed parking restrictions start 10 metres from street corners.

What do I do if I have a tradesperson working on the house?

The permit is only issued for use by residents. Visitor permits are not available.

I have a carer who makes regular visits?

The permit is only issued for use by residents. Visitor permits are not available.

Blacktown Medical Precinct Permit Parking Application Form

Blacktown Medical Precinct Permit Parking Application Form


Permit Parking Scheme Terms and Conditions of Use

  • To be eligible to participate in the Permit Parking Scheme (PPS), the applicant must be a resident within the Blacktown Medical Precinct permit parking scheme area.
  • The vehicle must be registered in New South Wales.
  • Parking permits are available for cars and boat trailers.
  • Parking permits are not available for trucks (i.e. Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of not more than 4.5 tonne), buses, caravans, boats, trailers (except boat trailers).
  • A parking permit is only valid until the expiry date shown on the permit or by the date otherwise indicated by Council.
  • A new application must be submitted with the relevant documentation by the resident prior to the expiry date displayed on the permit as renewal permits will not be automatically issued.
  • Parking permits are not transferable and are only valid if affixed to the vehicle displaying the same vehicle registration number as shown on the parking permit.
  • Blacktown City Council permits are only valid within the nominated Blacktown City Council Medical Precinct permit parking scheme area.
  • Vehicles displaying valid parking permits are exempt from time limits and parking charges only in locations signposted as ‘PERMIT HOLDERS EXCEPTED (AREA B1)’.
  • Parking permits DO NOT provide exemptions from limits and parking fees in locations that are not part of the nominated PPS area or from other restrictions including, but not limited to, ‘NO STOPPING’, ‘NO PARKING’, ‘LOADING ZONE’, ‘TRUCK ZONE’, ‘WORKS ZONE’, ‘BUS ZONE’, ‘BUS LANES’, or ‘CLEARWAY’.
  • Parking permits are only valid for parking in accordance with Australian Road Rules.
  • Damaging, amending, copying and misuse of parking permits is an offence.
  • Permit holders are strictly prohibited from selling, leasing, transferring or assigning any parking permits to any party for any use not permitted under these guidelines.
  • If the parking permit holder disposes of the vehicle to which the permit applies, and/or changes their residential address, the permit holder is responsible for removal of the permit and its return to Council (for cancellation).
  • Incorrect use of the parking permit is an offence and may result in fines or cancellation of the permit.
  • Parking permits can be cancelled and withdrawn at the discretion of Council.
  • 1 parking permit will be issued to any address within the PPS area subject to relevant application documentation being completed by the resident.


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