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Development & Construction Forms

Need to lodge an application ?

Forms and checklists for development applications and related approvals are listed below.

pdf.png Development Application Form.pdf

pdf.png Complying Development Application Form.pdf

pdf.png Construction Certificate Application Form.pdf

pdf.png Section 82A Request for a Review of Determination.pdf

Applicants must complete the relevant pre- Development Application self-assessment checklists and cost estimate forms provided here.

(Note : these checklists are not mandatory for ancillary residential development, dwelling houses and dual occupancies)

pdf.png Checklist for commercial and industrial development

pdf.png Checklist for medium to high density residential development

pdf.png Checklist for subdivisions.pdf

pdf.png Checklist for dwelling houses and small scale development

pdf File naming conventions for electronic submission.pdf

pdf Request a Pre-Application Meeting - RFB and multi dwelling housing

pdf Request a Pre-Application Meeting - Small scale residential and industrial commercial

pdf Registered Quantity Surveyor & Cost Estimate Form.pdf

pdf.png Demolition of Buildings Information Sheet.pdf

pdf.png Waste_Management_Form.pdf

pdf.png Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts.pdf

pdf.png Application for Tower Crane Installation Operation.pdf

Submitting plans to Council

Due to the large volume and bulk of rolled plans being submitted to Council with Development Applications, we seek your cooperation by ensuring that all plans and drawings of a size greater than A3 are pre-folded as shown in the link below.
Please note: no rolls of plans will be accepted at the Gateway Counter from Monday 18 January 2016

Folding instructions

Fees and Charges


Take me to the quick reference guides to Development Fees and Charges

Alternatively, a detailed list of all Council's fees may be found in the Goods and Services Fee Schedule.


I have my approval - What's next ?


pdfApplication to Appoint Principle Certifying Authority.pdf

pdf.png Notice of Commencement of Building Work.pdf

pdf.png Appoint Council as the replacement Principle Certifying Authority.pdf

pdf.png Section 96 Application to Modify Development Consent.pdf

pdf.png Section 87 Application to Modify Complying Development Certificate.pdf

pdf.png Application for Section 149A Building Certificate.pdf

pdf.png Swimming Pool Act Section 22 Exemption Application.pdf

pdf.png Section 88B & E Endorsement Application Form.pdf

pdf.png Subdivision Certificate Application Form

pdf.png Application for Endorsement of Dealing Forms


Looking for a different form ?


The links below provide access to the various forms for:

- Property Enquiries - Zoning Certificates, Outstanding Notices & Orders, Section 603 of the Local Government Act 1993.

- Tree Removal, Driveways Installation and Footpath Closures

- Applications for On Site Sewage Management

If have any more questions, please contact us on (02) 9839 6000.


Public Exhibitions

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Public Notices

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