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Why don't I have 3 bins?


Why do other council areas have 3 bins when we only have 2?

In Blacktown City we do not provide a separate garden waste bin as our 2-bin system provides the same bin capacity as those councils with a 3-bin system such as the Hills Shire and City of Parramatta.

Both services collect 360 litres of waste per week as follows:

  • The 3-bin system
    • 120 litre garbage bin collected weekly
    • 240 litre recycling bin collected fortnightly
    • 240 litre garden waste bin collected fortnightly
  • Our 2-bin system (used in Blacktown City)
    • 240 litre garbage bin collected weekly (can be used for household and garden waste)
    • 240 litre recycling bin collected fortnightly

Why garden waste can go in the larger red-lid bins in Blacktown City

The material placed in your weekly garbage bin (red-lid) is processed at a waste recovery facility at Eastern Creek known as the UR-3R. The UR-3R separates food scraps and garden waste from general rubbish, and processes this into compost, which is used to remediate and condition soil. Only a small number of Council's send their waste to the UR-3R. Those that don't need to provide a separate garden waste collection service which means an extra bin and more trucks on the road to collect them. Find out more about the UR-3R waste recovery facility here.

What if I have bulk waste that doesn't fit in my red-lid garbage bin?

To supplement our service we also have the household clean up service for bulky waste including garden waste that does not fit in the garbage bin. Residents can book up to 12 free household clean ups per year. Book a household clean up now.

Get more space in you bin - compost your kitchen and garden waste at home!

Did you know that over half of the domestic waste placed in your red-lid garbage bin is compostable? Backyard composting of certain food scraps and yard trimmings can significantly reduce the amount of waste in your bin. We offer a number of incentives for you to start composting at home including offering a rebate for purchasing a compost bin, worm farm, or bokashi bin. We also offer free workshops every month where you can learn how to setup a worm farm and start composting at home.


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