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Managing Roads in Blacktown

Integrated Transport Management Plan

Council has developed this long term plan to assist in the development f the Blacktown City transport system over the decades to come.   

Integrated Transport Management Plan (ITMP)

Key issues covered in the plan include:

  • All forms of public transport
  • Walking and cycling
  • Roads, traffic and parking
  • Integration of land use and transport/ transport accessibility
  • Trip growth, and travel demand management

The challenge for Blacktown City is to cater for the transport needs for the predicted growth of the City to approximately 500,000 people and 180,000 dwellings by 2036.

Make a change to parking, intersections, speed limits, pedestrian crossings, etc

Any proposal to change a road or parking restrictions needs to be approved by Council before any work is started.  

If the proposed change includes a sign, road marking, footpath, etc that needs to comply with Australian Standards the proposal must be reviewed by Council's Local Traffic Committee and then accepted by Council.

The Local Traffic Committee (LTC) meets every four weeks.  The formal members of the Committee include Police, the RMS and a Member of Parliament..

If the LTC agrees with the proposal, then they will recommend the change in a report to the next Ordinary Meeting of the full Council. The Council's decision to agree, disagree or modify the recommendation will be defined in the minutes of the next Ordinary Council meeting which can take another 3-4 weeks to be released.

If the change is just parking restrictions, the new signage can often be installed within the next 2 weeks.  However, if the change includes work with the road surface, curb and gutters, footpaths and nature strips, then the project will be listed in Council's Works Improvement Program (WIP).  Each year the Council decides which project listed in the WIP will be implemented.  Projects that are not implemented remain on the WIP list for consideration for the following year. Due to the limited funds available, only approximately 25% of projects listed in the WIP will be implemented in any one year.

No Stopping Lines to Replace No Stopping Signs

As part of the beautification of the Blacktown CBD, Council is undertaking a 6-month trial of unbroken yellow lines to replace existing ‘No Stopping’ signs. The trial, which ends in December 2016, involves painting a yellow unbroken edge line next to the gutter along both sides of Newton Road from Flushcombe Road to Patrick Street. The existing ‘No Stopping’ signs will be removed while other parking signs, such as bus zone signs, will be kept.

Under NSW Road Rules, a driver must not stop on a length of road that has an unbroken yellow edge line. Penalties of $325 and 2 demerit points apply in a school zone and $253 in a standard ‘No Stopping’ zone.  

Removal of ‘No Stopping’ signs will help our efforts to reduce visual clutter in our streets. When the trial ends, we will consider replacing ‘No Stopping’ signs with ‘No Stopping’ yellow lines at other locations around the Blacktown area.

No Stopping Lines


Safer Travel Strategic Plan 

Council’s primary goal in Road Safety is to reduce the number of casualties on our roads.  Council has already committed to the Blacktown City 2030 Corporate Plan that includes Focus Area (11):

 “Endeavour to reduce injuries and fatalities for all road users.”

Council will continue to improve on the current results at the road infrastructure level through the continued implementation of an integrated Asset Management System and at the community level with the development of community education programs.  

The Safer Travel Strategic Plan 2014-2020 details the community education strategies that will be implemented over the next few years.

Road Safety - Safer Travel

Traffic management at special events, celebrations, sporting events, etc

If your event will affect traffic on the surrounding roads then you need to obtain approval from the Police, Transport for NSW and Council.  If you do not obtain permission you will be unable to secure public liability insurance for your event.  

Your proposal to manage the traffic must be reviewed by Council's Local Traffic Committee and then accepted by Council.  Approval by Council can take up to 6-8 weeks.  Police and Transport for NSW require up to 6 months advance warning depending on how big the proposed event will be.

This link provides the general guide to developing a proposal for your event:

Guidelines for Traffic Management at Events

Application forms for trees, driveways, road works, skip-bins, advertising on footpaths, etc

If you are planning to rebuild your driveway and footpath, do other road works, put new advertising on the footpath or even get a skip bin you need apply to Council before you start the work. 

This link provides the application forms you need to complete and send to Council. 

Application Forms

Road Hierarchy Maps

Roads are classified in several ways according to the volume of traffic they carry and the way they link areas together.  These classifications assist Council to develop and implement appropriate Asset Management plans and resolve transport issues as they arise.

Council is the Road Authority for most of the roads in the Blacktown LGA that carry up to approximately 20,000 vehicles a day. Decisions to change these roads are made by and paid for by Council. Sometimes the changes are very expensive and can only be achieved using a grant from the NSW Govt.

Transport for NSW is the Road Authority for all main roads, highways and motorways that carry more than 20,000 vehicles a day.  Decisions to change main roads, highways and motorways are made by and paid for by Transport for NSW.  Many of these projects are part funded by the Federal Govt.

Maps are available to show which roads are managed by Council and Transport for NSW.

Blacktown Road Hierarchy


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