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Development Proposals

Consent Conditions:

If you are enquiring about a particular development proposal, you are entitled to inspect the Consents Register free of charge. Customer Service Staff can assist you with this and can show you the details from the computer screen. A copy of the conditions can be provided to you upon payment of the copying fee.

Approved Development Applications:

As the file may not be readily available, you will be requested to make your request in writing. This will enable staff to determine what records are available, locate them and have the file/records available for inspection. It will also allow time for staff to remove or edit documents where privacy protection is an issue (letters from residents objecting to the proposal for example). There will be a fee involved in this research and you will be advised of the fee, once an assessment has been made of your application by Governance Services Staff.

Current Development Applications that have not been approved:

Please refer to our Development Online page.



Public Exhibitions

Click here for a list of developments on public notice and items of community interest.

Public Notices

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