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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Council provide property owner lists either freely or for purchase?

A1: Council does not provide bulk lists of property owners. Please refer to our Privacy Management Plan for full details of our privacy obligations.

Q2: How does Council handle complaints?

A2: Complaints in writing or over the telephone, are treated in confidence by Council and will be investigated promptly by staff. It is often the case that the party complained about, wants details about the person who lodged the complaint. Any request for the details of the person lodging the complaint, will be dealt with under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, (the GIPA Act). If you have lodged a complaint, be assured that Council will maintain your confidentiality. However, if the complainant makes an application for your details under the GIPA Act, you will be notified in writing by Council. You will be given an opportunity to object to the release of the details or make a suggestion of the terms under which you consent to the details being given to the complainant. See also PrivacySection.

Q3: How do I obtain the photo evidence of a Parking Infringement I received?

A3: You need to apply in writing for a copy of any photo evidence. So that Council can confirm the details are accurate, the written request is best done on the Application for Information form as it asks you all the relevant questions. You may apply by email to Please provide the Infringement Notice Number. You will be advised if Council has a photo and the fee required to obtain a copy.

Q4: If I lodge an objection to a development proposal, can the developer obtain a copy or get access to my objection?

A4: Yes they can. That is why you are advised as follows in Council notification letters and in the newspaper advertisement "Any information included in submissions may be made available to third parties including the applicant, in accordance with relevant legislation". The Administrative Decisions Tribunal has determined that access to submissions is to be given to developers before a determination is made on their proposal, to enable any objections or concerns to be addressed to the mutual satisfaction of the developer and the objector (submitter). 

Q5: I am interested in buying a house I saw. If I give you the address, can I have the owner's name and contact address?

A5: No, Council does not provide owner details in this circumstance. 

Q6: Can I obtain details of a dog owner? The dog was running loose on the street and it came in contact with my car. I wish to sue the dog owner for the damage to my car.

A6: The Companion Animals Act places restrictions on what information Council can make available. The only situation in which Council can disclose information on the identity of owners is if there are legal proceedings pending. You could make a request for this type of information in writing by lodging a formal application under the Government Information (Public Access) Act.

Q7: What other information can I be given over the counter?

A7: In addition to What is freely available for inspection? and the Consent Conditions sections of this brochure, the following information can also be provided to you:

  • Owner details of a property if the property in question is owned by a company;
  • Details of adjoining owners in the case of a fencing issue (Counter staff will need to verify your address);
  • The identity of an adjoining owner in the case of a dangerous tree, a drainage problem or other dangerous situation (Counter staff will need to verify your address);
  • Property zoning and encumbrances of property (viewed from the screen);
  • Information on up to 3 valuations.


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