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Clean Cities - Business Pride Project

Clean Cities

The purpose of the Business Pride Project is to develop and build partnerships between Council, business traders and local Chambers of Commerce to promote pro-social behaviour and improve the amenity in the shopping precincts.

The project acknowledges, yet extends beyond, Council's traditional role of providing cleaning and servicing of public spaces, by engaging stakeholders from the business community and taking account of the broader social issues influencing public space amenity and behaviour. The effects of graffiti, littering, vandalism and illegal dumping negatively impact on the precincts. By encouraging and supporting local traders and shoppers to keep communal areas clean and well maintained, the project seeks to promote cleanliness, a sense of ownership, social wellbeing and community pride.

The Business Pride Project seeks to encourage the community to use and look after their local shopping centres leading to increased economic activity, enhanced social places and a cleaner environment.

Retail precincts are generally comprised of a mixture of public space and private ownership, with responsibility for cleaning and maintenance of amenity consequently divided between Council, property owners, and traders. Council provides a number of regular cleaning, maintenance and open space services in each retail precinct. To improve overall cleanliness and promote a sense of the business community's involvement in the social and environmental values of each precinct, the project supports business owners and traders to consistently remove graffiti and clean the exterior area of their shopfronts. Furthermore, the business communities are being asked to remain vigilant about the condition of each precinct and inform Council as soon as possible about any problems. Council Officers and work crews are responding as soon as possible to the reports and keeping the precincts clean and maintained.

The Business Pride Project has been implemented within the retail centres of Mount Druitt Village, Riverstone, Lalor Park Shops (Freeman Street), Doonside Village and Seven Hills Shops (Boomerang Place). It is currently being introduced to Marayong Shopping Area.

Shop Local

Council, together with retail business owners, produces a promotional "Shop Local" guide for each shopping area that participates in the business pride project. The brochures inform local residents about the benefits of shopping locally and promote the businesses operating in their local retail centre. The brochures encourage businesses and shoppers to take pride in the environment of each shopping precinct. One of the main messages we wish to convey through the brochures is that all users of retail precincts have a role to play in keeping precincts looking clean, inviting and well-maintained.


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