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Commercial and industrial site selection advice

Leasing or purchasing property

If you are interested in leasing or purchasing industrial/commercial property in Blacktown City;  the commercial property guide can assist you.

Commercial and industrial properties specific to the Blacktown City Centre

Commercial and industrial properties available for purchase or lease in Blacktown City

Site selection advice

Council’s Economic Development unit also provide advice to firms wanting to know more about the future planning and development opportunities in Blacktown City. This advice can assist firms find a suitable location or be a useful input to their own research.

This type of advice is particularly targeted at firms looking to enter the Australia market or are expanding their operations within Australia and want to know about the location advantages of Blacktown.

To make an appointment please fill in the information below and staff from Council’s Economic Development Unit will make contact with you to discuss your request for advice.


Disclaimer - All information supplied to Council, written or verbal, will remain strictly confidential.


Public Exhibitions

Click here for a list of developments on public notice and items of community interest.

Public Notices

The latest public notices are available through this link.

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