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Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils : WSROC (pronounced 'wesrock') was formed in November 1973. It became a company limited by guarantee in 1991. All member councils make an equal annual contribution to the operating costs ofWSROC and have equal voting rights. Click here to visit the WSROC site

Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG)


Blacktown City Council is a member of the Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG), a regional organisation of local councils, state government agencies and community representatives whose aim is to work together to improve the 
health of the Parramatta River catchment. 

Members of the PRCG include staff and councillor representatives from Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Canada Bay, Holroyd, Hunters Hill, Leichhardt, Parramatta, Ryde and Strathfield Councils, as well as Sydney Water and other state government agencies and authorities. 

The PRCG undertakes regional initiatives that address various issues such as stormwater pollution, estuary health and the protection of biodiversity corridors. Members meet regularly to share technical information and manage collaborative projects aimed at improving the health of the Parramatta River, its water quality, natural areas and surrounding lands.

For more information visit the Parramatta River Catchment Group website.

Blacktown Venue Management Limited

Blacktown International Sportspark

Blacktown Venue Management Limited (BVML) is a company limited by guarantee and wholly owned by Blacktown City Council. BVML was established for the express purpose of 'maintaining, managing, operating and promoting Blacktown International Sportspark as a quality international standard sporting facility servicing all levels of sport'.

The value of Blacktown International Sportspark as a community asset is specifically recognised within 'Blacktown City 2025 Vision' as a trigger project. BVML was incorporated on 19 October 2001 in accordance with the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 with Council named as the sole member.

The BVML Board now consists of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Director Sustainable Living, Mr Bill MacNamara, and two additional Directors. The BVML Board has retained this structure of Directors, complying with its legal obligations as and when individuals representing the Board positions have changed i.e. Mayor, General Manager and relevant Director.

Multicultural NSW 

Multicultural NSW has created ten (10) Regional Advisory Councils, (RACs) comprising government and community representatives. One of these Regional Advisory Councils covers the Nepean Blacktown area. Multicultural NSW was created on 13 March 2001, under the Community Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Act (2000) NSW (The Act). The Act contains provisions to establish multiculturalism as a policy of the State and also provides that each public authority much observe the principles of multiculturalism in conducting its affairs.

The role of Multicural NSW is to identify multicultural issues of local concern, discuss them at meetings and ensure that the Commission is aware of these issues -meeting on a quarterly basis. The meetings are chaired by a Commissioner and are supported by a Regional Council Liaison Officer. Council is represented by a Councillor on the Nepean Blacktown Regional Advisory Council.

Floodplain Management Authorities of NSW

Floodplain Management Authority 

The FMA is accepted by State and Federal Government agencies as representing the interests of floodplain communities in NSW and the authorities responsible for managing the floodplains to reduce future flood losses. The FMA meets regularly with State and Federal Ministers and their departments.

Currently the FMA has a membership of more than 90 organisations. Membership of the FMA is in several grades: 
Full Membership - Local Councils, Catchment Management Authorities, County Councils and other organisations as may be approved from time to time under the constitution. Associate Membership - Interstate authorities, catchment management authorities and other approved organisations. Corporate Membership - Consultants, businesses, government departments and educational institutions. Individual Membership - Private persons

Blacktown City Council is currently a full member of the FMA and has two (2) voting delegates. The FMA holds quarterly meetings in February, May, August and November at which all members are invited to send delegates and participate in the discussion. At the conclusion of the meeting there is light lunch provided. Following the lunch interval there is a member forum where there is a presentation followed by discussion. The presentations are on the latest issues facing floodplain managers, planners and emergency services workers and used to develop better policy and planning for local governments.

Hawkesbury River Council

Since 1948 the Hawkesbury River County Council has been administering the Noxious Weeds Act and controlling declared noxious weeds within the Hawkesbury/Nepean River catchment. Through resource sharing, the County Council is able to effectively and efficiently manage outbreaks of noxious weeds that may occur anywhere within the Hawkesbury/Nepean River catchment area. Council has two delegates elected to the Council in each 4 year term.

Western Sydney Academy of Sports


Blacktown City Council is proud to support the Western Sydney Academy of Sport, an independent, not-for-profit organisation providing quality high performance training programs for talented young athletes in Western Sydney. The Academy catchment area covers 1,800 square kilometres and includes 10 Local Government Areas in Western Sydney, including Blacktown City.

The Academy provides scholarships to athletes generally between the ages of 13 and 18 for a 12 month period during which time the athlete is provided with various technical and educational development opportunities that assist in the transition to elite level sport.


Further information on program schedules and nominations for talented athletes can be found on the Academy website



Westpool is a successful insurance risk sharing pool comprising 10 member Councils. Formed some 25 years ago, its primary purpose being to reduce the impact of fluctuating premiums, encourage uniform standards of risk control and expand the range of market coverage through pooling initiatives. The Board meets every 2 months rotating between the member councils’ premises. No fees are payable to delegates.


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