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Our Blacktown 2036 and related plans

Community Strategic Plan and vision

Council has developed Our Blacktown 2036 on behalf of the community of Blacktown City, as its long term Community Strategic Plan. This plan identifies the main priorities of our community and aspirations for the City over the next 2 decades and beyond. Its directions and objectives are comprehensive and are based on principles of sustainability and social equity.

Our Blacktown 2036 outlines Council’s practical approach to achieving the community’s aspirations for the City. Alongside the strategic directions are a set of transformational projects that complete the vision for the City, ensuring that Our Blacktown 2036 is delivered. A downloadable version of the document is provided below.

 Our Blacktown 2036

The strategic directions and transformational projects have been designed to ensure that the City is in a position to make Our Blacktown 2036 a reality.  Click here for details of the transformational projects.

To achieve the vision, the way the City functions is divided into 6 strategic directions, each reflecting a particular theme or aspect of the City and the life and wellbeing of the community.

These 6 strategic directions are interdependent, reflecting the requirements for a sustainable city. The identification of these strategic directions allows us to target key areas and develop their potential in Blacktown City now and into the future.

Strategic directions

  • A vibrant and inclusive community
  • A clean, sustainable and healthy environment
  • A smart and prosperous economy
  • A growing city supported by accessible infrastructure
  • A sporting and active city
  • A leading city

The plan has a series of measures that will be used to monitor our progress towards achieving the vision.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program 2017-2021 is a plan for the first 4 years of our long term vision to achieve defined goals within the resources allocated to projects and services. The Operational Plan for 2017-18 outlines the specific actions and budget allocated for this year to work towards the goals identified in the Delivery Program. A PDF version of the document is provided below.

Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2017-2018

Council’s budget for 2017-18 is detailed in the Operational Plan and in 2 related documents:.

Resourcing Strategy

The 3 components of the Resourcing Strategy 2017-2027 identify the available money, assets and people to support Our Blacktown 2036 and to carry out the diverse range of services, activities and programs identified in Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

Council’s Resourcing Strategy for Our Blacktown 2036 is comprised of the following three components:

  • The Long Term Financial Plan addresses the financial resourcing capacity requirements of Council’s Delivery Program. The Plan covers a 10 year period and includes financial modelling and the planning assumptions that have been identified as affecting the financial capacity of Council.
  • The Asset Management Strategy also covers a 10 year period and identifies the assets that are critical to Council’s operations and outlines risk management strategies for these assets. It also contains long-term projections of asset maintenance, renewal and replacement costs.
  • The Workforce Management Plan addresses the human resource requirements of Council’s Delivery Program. It covers a time frame of 4 years and includes an analysis of Council’s workforce and factors impacting future resourcing.

A PDF version of the document is provided below.

Resourcing Strategy 2017-2021


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