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Resourcing Strategy

The three components of the Resourcing Strategy identify the available money, assets and people to support Blacktown City 2030 and to carry out the diverse range of services, activities and programs identified in Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

2013-2023 Resourcing Strategy

Council’s Resourcing Strategy for Blacktown City 2030 is comprised of the following three components:

  • The Long Term Financial Plan addresses the financial resourcing capacity requirements of Council’s Delivery Program. The Plan covers a minimum 10 year period and includes financial modelling and the planning assumptions that have been identified as affecting the financial capacity of Council. Note that the Long Term Financial Plan in this document has been replaced - see information below.
  • The Asset Management Strategy covers a 10 year period and identifies the assets that are critical to Council’s operations and outlines risk management strategies for these assets. It also contains long-term projections of asset maintenance, renewal and replacement costs.
  • The Workforce Management Plan addresses the human resourcing requirements of Council’s Delivery Program. It covers a time frame of 4 years. It includes an analysis of Council’s workforce and factors impacting future resourcing.

pdf.png Resourcing Strategy.pdf

Asset Management Plans 2013-2023

This Asset Management Plan is designed/created/written to demonstrate responsive/responsible management of assets (and services provided from assets), compliance with regulatory requirements, and to communicate funding needed for providing the required levels of service.

Blacktown City Council currently has 4 Asset Management Plans available below:

pdf.png Buildings

pdf.png Drainage

pdf.png Open Space

pdf.png Transport

Long Term Financial Plan 2016-2026

Council has revised its Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) which was adopted by Council on 22 June 2016.

Long Term Financial Plan 2016-2026.pdf


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