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Trigger Projects

The Trigger Projects identify key priorities for the future of the City, including “breakthrough” areas to advance the long term strategy.  Council, along with the other relevant stakeholders, will work towards delivering these projects, ensuring the Vision is achieved.
There are 8 identified Trigger Projects:

  1. Blacktown City Centre

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, other State Government agencies, Blacktown Hospital, education providers, Westpoint, developers, business, land owners, community service providers.

    Strategy Statement: To provide a mix of business, employment, residential, recreation, health, cultural, entertainment and education uses that promote a vibrant City Centre.

    2030 Statement – Where we will be

    Blacktown City Centre will be the focal point of a vibrant City providing employment, housing, social, cultural, recreation and transport infrastructure within a framework of sustainability and design excellence. The City Centre will provide an attractive environment for businesses and government to invest in. It will provide choice in housing, together with facilities and services for city living.

    The City Centre will celebrate its civic places, public domain, identity and amenity. It will exhibit design quality in building form, architectural treatment, and environmental performance. It will provide clear access routes and connections throughout and it will exhibit best practice in sustainable development.

    The Warrick Lane site will be developed as a new landmark commercial and residential hub in the Blacktown CBD, providing the catalyst to further high quality sustainable development in accordance with the Blacktown City Centre Masterplan.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    An implementation strategy will need to be prepared to outline how the findings and recommendations from the Blacktown City Centre Masterplan will be delivered. This will entail finalisation of the Draft Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2013, preparation of development controls to implement design standards and guidelines for the City Centre, consideration of establishing an Urban Design Panel and preparation of an infrastructure delivery plan that includes proposed acquisitions and funding sources.

  2. Asset Management and Renewal

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: NSW Roads and Maritime Services, Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services

    Strategy Statement: Commit to the maintenance and renewal of existing infrastructure through long term financial planning based on renewal modelling.

    2030 Statement – Where we will be

    Council has no backlog of asset renewal projects and is committed to a sustainable asset renewal program into the future. This is as a result of a commitment of $80 million to asset renewal over the term of the Delivery Program 2013-2017 and further increases over the terms of subsequent Councils.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    The funding commitment made in the trigger project will require Council’s consideration of the preferred funding strategy. The required level of renewal funding is detailed in Council’s Resourcing Strategy (Asset Management Strategy and integrated Long Term Financial Plan).

    Following confirmation by Council of the proposed funding strategy, the project will be delivered through the annual preparation of the Works Improvement Program. The renewal targets set out in the Asset Management Strategy will be compared to actual expenditure and any deviations from the targets will be documented in future reviews of the Long Term Financial Plan and the supporting Asset Management Plans.

  3. Digital Networks and Communications

    Partnership Lead:  Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: Federal Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

    Strategy Statement: To ensure that the residents of Blacktown have equitable access to evolving computer technologies and opportunities to develop their techno-literacy skills including awareness of cyber safety.

    2030 Statement – Where we will be

    There is equitable access to the internet and to developing computer technologies, including opportunities to continuously develop cyber safe digital skills and techno-literacy. Our community has equitable opportunities to engage online, facilitating civic engagement, digital networking and communication, employment opportunities, educational success, personal growth and lifelong learning. Through internal and external partnerships Council facilitates access and skill development throughout the City.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    The Library will continue to provide access to and training in various computer technologies that meet the needs of a diverse community. This will involve the provision of computer classes in a variety of software and hardware applications on a regular basis. In addition, the Library will be participating in projects to meet national standards for cyber safety and technology literacy.

    The Library will also be developing additional online services and resources, enabling the community to become involved via digital networks. The implementation of the Blacktown Memories website will provide the City with a variety of online Local Studies resources, including oral histories, photos, other digital media and social networking applications.

    The NBN Digital Hub project runs at Riverstone Library until the end of the 2014 calendar year.

    Through Economic development pathways, increase the business community’s use of ICT, increase the amount of Council information that can be accessed via smart phone technology and work with training providers to identify opportunities for targeted training for various business sectors across Blacktown City. All of this is designed to expand employment opportunities and support the local economy in equally bridging the digital divide.

  4. Blacktown International Sportspark

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: Cricket NSW, Football Federation Australia, Western Sydney Wanderers, NSW Softball, Baseball NSW, International Goalkeepers Academy, Athletics NSW, Little Athletics NSW, AFL and other sporting associations, Western Sydney Parklands Trust, NSW Department of Education and Communities (Sport & Recreation).

    Strategy Statement: To provide a first-class multi-sport venue serving the needs of the local, regional, state, national and international sports market through a range of sports and sports related facilities and opportunities.

    2030 Statement - Where we will be

    Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney is a first-class multi-sport venue that provides elite and community sporting opportunity through Cricket, Baseball, Softball, Athletics, Soccer, Soccer Goalkeeping and AFL. Through partnerships with existing and potential stakeholders, Council will deliver a visionary masterplan that will create high quality sports training, playing facilities and other ancillary facilities, further developing a community asset into a destination for the sporting and non sporting public.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    The Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney Master Plan identifies four key development stages across its 20 year vision

    • Stage I – 1 to 3 years
    • Stage II – 3 to 6 years
    • Stage III – 6 to 10 years
    • Stage IV – 10 plus years

    Whilst elements across the four stages are interchangeable i.e. can be brought forward or moved back as circumstances and opportunities arise, the delivery of Stage I will be a priority. Items included in Stage I are: the relocation of the International Goalkeepers Academy; a 4-5 Star hotel; and a regional playground.
    Other priorities for the 2013 – 2017 period are maintaining an ongoing funding partnership with the State Government; increasing visitation to the Sportspark; securing the Western Sydney Wanderers as long-term stakeholders and developing a rectangular Stadium concept plan.

  5. Becoming a Regional City

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

    Strategy Statement: To work with the State Government to gain Regional City status for Blacktown City Centre.

    2030 Statement - Where we will be

    Blacktown City Centre is now recognised by the NSW State Government as a Regional City. It is listed as a Regional City in the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney. Their decision to grant Regional City status was in recognition of the significant role it has played in providing future growth and creating employment for greater Metropolitan Sydney. Regional City status has generated market interest in the Blacktown City Centre. The State Government is now investing funds to improve infrastructure provision to support the vibrant and diverse characteristics that it now offers.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    Undertake various initiatives targeted towards helping position Blacktown City Centre so it can be recognized as a Regional City. This requires a focus on identifying opportunities to facilitate employment creation in the Blacktown City Centre. Proposed initiatives will include economic development strategies to target niche industry sectors to the Blacktown City Centre, the relocation of Government Departments and other private sector organisations to Blacktown City Centre and overall promotion and marketing as a genuine place for investment.

  6. Motor Sport Precinct

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: State Government, motor sport and automotive industry, land owners and motor sport governing bodies.

    Strategy Statement: To create an internationally recognised motor sport cluster that attracts new investment in the precinct by way of new motor sport facilities and motor sport related industries. This will provide passive recreation space that connects venues and makes it a tourist destination for all.

    2030 Statement - Where we will be

    The Blacktown Motor Sport Parklands is an internationally recognised cluster of motor sport facilities. The precinct brings together world leading businesses and motor sport facilities in a quality environment. The Blacktown Motor Sport Parklands is Australia’s first destination for visitors, enthusiasts and businesses involved in Australian motor sport

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    The priorities of this trigger project are focussed on the promotion of world class motor sport facilities located in Blacktown City, to attract more competitors, spectators and visitors to the City. To achieve this will mean Council will need to work in partnership with existing stakeholders; the Western Sydney Parklands Trust and the NSW State Government seek to attract new investment to construct other motor sport uses including Speedway, Motocross, Quad Bikes, Sprint Rally and 4WD Training.

  7. Blacktown Showground

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: Blacktown and District Agricultural Society, current and future users of the site, State and Federal Governments.

    Strategy Statement: To deliver a showcase precinct encompassing quality cultural and recreational facilities connected to surrounding nodes through safe and convenient linkages.

    2030 Statement - Where we will be

    The Blacktown Showground is a lively cultural, entertainment and community precinct where people are able to interact both passively and actively through the provision of a range of quality cultural and recreational facilities. The development of this benchmark facility provides a park in the City that will serve both the local community and regional visitors. The facility also enhances the adjacent Blacktown City Centre through the creation of safe and convenient linkages.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    Since the completion of Stage 1 of the Showground Precinct, it is important that Council promotes the Blacktown Showground as a community recreation and cultural precinct for the whole City. The priorities of this trigger project include hosting various community events at Blacktown Showground, including the potential of relocation of certain aspects of some existing events, to attract the residents of the City to the first class facility.

  8. Promoting the City: Marketing, Branding and Community Engagement

    Partnership Lead: Blacktown City Council

    Potential Partners: Business community, community groups and non-government organisations, sporting organisations, marketing and advertising experts, local and metropolitan media.

    Strategy Statement: To promote Blacktown City as an emerging Regional City with unique attributes and to engage the Blacktown community and stakeholders in a shared vision – a city of excellence which is dynamic, diverse and progressive.

    We will define and articulate the positive qualities of Blacktown City and develop a marketing and branding campaign to communicate its achievements, in order to strengthen existing networks and build new relationships to foster the future prosperity of Blacktown City. We will strategically engage and build partnerships with our community and the wide range of City stakeholders, in order to further the shared vision and pursue the interests of Blacktown City and its broader region.

    2030 Statement – Where we will be

    A sustained and innovative campaign to promote the City to the community and the government and business sectors has been carried out. Blacktown City is widely recognised as a city of excellence and a desirable location to live, work, recreate and invest. Its community and stakeholders are partners in shaping the future of the City.

    Priorities for 2013-2017

    Council will develop and commence implementation of an action plan to support this new trigger project, based on its four key dimensions. These are:

    • Promoting the positive image of the City
    • Branding the City and Council
    • Promoting City achievements and attracting partners
    • Engaging the community and communicating effectively


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