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Organisational Structure

General Manager's Unit

General Manager :-  Kerry Robinson 

  • Audit
  • Secretariat
  • Corporate counsel 
  • Communications and marketing 

Development and design

Director :-  Glennys James

  • Strategic planning
  • Development policy
  • Building and engineering assessment
  • Development assessment
  • Recreation planning and design
  • Asset design
  • City Architect 

Corporate services

Director :- Wayne Rogers

  • Finance
  • People, culture and legal
  • Governance and corporate services 
  • Safety and insurance
  • Business technology
  • Events and sister cities
  • Corporate strategy and economic development
  • Property
  • Contributions 

City living

Director : - Peter Smith

  • Animal holding facility coordination
  • Environment
  • Community law enforcement and waste
  • Key venues (BVM) 
  • Libraries
  • Children's services
  • Community development
  • Arts and cultural development

City assets

Director : - Rudi Svarc

  • Access and project management 
  • Plant and energy
  • Asset planning and support
  • Asset construction
  • Building construction and maintenance
  • Civil and park maintenance

A chart view of the Organisational Structure can be downloaded here pdf.png 2015 Blacktown City Organisational Structure.pdf


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