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Corporate Services

Governance and corporate services

  • to manage Council's Blacktown City Information Centre
  • to provide corporate governance services including policy review and development
  • to assess information access applications (FOI)
  • to maintain councillors' facilities
  • to provide records management services
  • to conduct system audits of functional areas to ensure compliance with good governance practices.

People, culture and legal

  • to support all Directorates in enabling Council to provide a full range of services with negligible reductions in service capability due to staffing issues
  • to ensure that Council's corporate learning and development requirements are met and that staff members are highly capable and able to deliver high quality services
  • to provide accurate and timely advice on a wide range of issues
  • to ensure that appropriate risk management practices are adopted with respect to staffing issues
  • to provide dedicated Leadership Development programs to staff to ensure that Council's future leaders are supported and enabled.

Business technology

  • to support all directorates by providing a full range of Information & Communications Technology and Land Information services
  • to ensure the level of electronic business services meets the standards and guidelines as set out in the Business Technology, Service Level Agreement
  • E-Business Strategy Development
  • Service Level Agreements.

Safety and insurance.

  • to promote Enterprise Risk Management to reduce adverse business outcomes
  • to develop a corporate WHS Management System to minimise the risk of injury to workers
  • to manage Workers Compensation Self Insurance to ensure delivery of benefits to injury workers
  • to administer the insurance arrangement to protect Council's assets from unforeseen events
  • to conduct system audits of functional areas to ensure compliance with good governance practices.


  • to maintain a Financial Accounting system to industry best practice that produces the required statutory reports in accordance with legislative and Council time frames and ensures accurate and up-to-date costing information
  • to maintain Management Accounting system to industry best practice that will produce relevant and timely financial data to enable the facilitation of Council's strategic and operational business objectives
  • to manage Council's financial position, through the use of industry best practice financial management techniques, so as to ensure that a strong short and long term financial position is maintained
  • to provide rating, accounting, payroll and store services
  • to ensure the security and integrity of Council's assets, operational systems and processes are maintained through the implementation of a formal annual audit program, a strategic long term audit plan and review of internal control procedures as appropriate.

Events and sister cities

  • to host Mayoral and Civic functions; citizenship ceremonies; youth ambassador Program and
    Sister City relationships
  • to manage Council’s annual calendar of Community Events including the Blacktown City Festival, Australia Day, marketing of the City through tourism and promotional programs.

Corporate strategy and economic development

  • to promote economic development
  • to promote tourism
  • to facilitate Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • to seek grant funding
  • to make submissions to government
  • to conduct Better Practice Reviews
  • to integrate Business Plans throughout the organisation with Council’s Planning Framework
  • to ensure Council maintains a formal and structured planning framework and implementation process to enable it to achieve its strategic and operational objectivities and targets.


  • to manage the acquisition and development of properties owned by Council
  • to lease and manage residential, community and commercial/retail premises
  • to manage closure of laneways and roads as required
  • to promote and manage outdoor dining and display of goods for businesses
  • to manage Riverstone and St Bartholomew’s cemeteries
  • to manage Heritage homes owned by Council.


  • to prepare and review Section 94 Contributions Plans
  • to account for S94 contributions and financial modelling
  • to liaise and advise developers on contributions matters
  • to prepare and negotiate Voluntary Planning Agreements
  • to administer Council's Water Sensitive Urban Design voluntary scheme
  • to prepare submissions to IPART for contributions plans assessment.  


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