Blacktown City Social Profile 2016

The Blacktown City Social Profile 2016 is a profile for the whole city, developed in partnership with the community, government departments and local community organisations.

It provides a snapshot of Blacktown City's social situation allowing us to identify the opportunities, facilities and services needed to assist local people to achieve their full potential and improve community wellbeing.

The profile will be a key reference document for our Community Strategic Plan and used to work with our community, government departments and local community organisations in their strategic planning.

The Blacktown City Social Profile 2016 includes:

  • introduction overview of the methods and community engagement used to develop the profile

  • sections focused on research and community engagement findings for our City, based on the World Health Organisation’s social determinants of heath:

    • the social gradient

    • stress

    • early life

    • social exclusion

    • work

    • unemployment

    • social Support

    • addiction

    • food

    • transport

    • service development

  • a demographic profile including Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data, socio-economic data and social indicator data is included in Appendix 3.

For more information contact the Social Planning Team on 9839 6000.