Stanley Coldrick

Stanley Coldrick

Interview summary

  • Interviewer: Western Sydney University (WSU)
  • Recorded: September 2016 
  • Duration: 00:17:56


Stanley and his family emigrated from England to Australia in the 1960s as 'Ten Pound Poms' through the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme. He shares some of his memories of settling in the Blacktown area, including his family and working life. Over the years Stanley has owned his own business (on Richmond Road), worked with the Salvation Army, NRMA and St John’s Ambulance service. He shares his memories of his early education in 1930s England, and reflects on the generational change that has taken place during his lifetime.

This interview was conducted by 3rd Year Journalism students from Western Sydney University for the Blacktown Memories project.

Stanley Coldrick from Blacktown Memories on Vimeo.