End of Term Report

The End of Term Report(PDF, 6MB) provides an update to the Blacktown community on how Blacktown City is progressing towards achieving the social, environmental, economic and civic leadership objectives of the Community Strategic Plan. In so doing, it also provides information about how effective the actions have been in delivering the strategies outlined in Blacktown’s Community Strategic Plan, Blacktown City 2030. 

The report provides comments about the actions undertaken as part of our Delivery Program and Operational Plans within the council term 2012 to 2016.The report highlights what we consider to be the significant achievements, as well as any key challenges and pressures in meeting the goals set within this term.

The report is set out in 6 sections, reflecting the 6 strategic directions of Blacktown City 2030. Each section provides a strategy statement that outlines the desired outcome set at the start of the council term, with commentary and a scorecard that shows if the goals set for each focus area over the 4 year term were achieved.

Each strategic direction also highlights some of our quadruple bottom line indicators link to our QBL framework.

The achievements as well as the challenges and pressures we faced are summarised within the body of this report. A summary of the overall scores is provided at the commencement of each strategic direction within this report.