Blacktown International Sportspark Masterplan

BISP Masterplan

Blacktown City is the sporting capital of Western Sydney.  We are home to Sydney 2000 Olympic Games legacy facilities at Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney and a wide range of regional, national and international sporting partnerships.

Strategy statement

To implement the new Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney masterplan and provide a first-class multi-sport venue containing facilities to serve the local, regional, state, national and international sports market. Facilities will include a public square, hotel, athlete hostel, food and beverage facilities, and transport and traffic connections. Business planning and development of relevant funding strategies are ongoing.

2036 statement - Where we will be

Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney is a first-class multi-sport venue that provides elite and community sporting opportunity through cricket, baseball, softball, athletics, soccer, soccer Goalkeeping and Australian Football. Through partnerships with existing and potential stakeholders, Council will deliver a visionary masterplan to create high quality training, playing and ancillary facilities.  This will further develop a community asset into a facility with wide appeal to the sporting and non-sporting public. 

Priorities for 2018/19

The Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney masterplan is part of the brief for the International Centre of Training Excellence (ICTE). The primary actions in 2018/19 for this project are:

  • identifying the site for the ICTE

  • generating potential development scenarios upon which future servicing could be tested for the whole site

  • identifying where future sports based development could be accommodated

  • Identifying opportunities to integrate with Western Sydney Parklands, Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club facilities and the neighbouring residential community.