International Centre of Training Excellence


We are developing the International Centre of Training Excellence (ICTE) as a world-leading multisport high performance education, sports medicine and accelerated recovery facility. 

It is intended that the ICTE will be open in 2020.

2036 statement - Where we will be

The ICTE is a nationally and internationally-renowned facility, the centrepiece of the BISP. The Centre caters for sport at every level, from community sporting groups to local elite athletes and visiting international teams.

Priorities for 2018/19

Key actions for 2018/19 will be:

  • Three packages of planning approval documents prepared:

    • roads and infrastructure

    • fields and tracks

    • building.

  • Report of Environmental Effects submitted for Council approval

  • Tender packages for construction issued, assessed and awarded

  • Construction works in multiple packages (including the main building works) are anticipated to commence in 2018 and continue through to the end of 2019.

Fit-out and commissioning of the ICTE building is anticipated to occur in 2020.