Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan


In November 2017 Council endorsed a masterplan for the Riverstone Town Centre. The masterplan is intended to guide redevelopment in the centre over the next 20 years, during which time Riverstone will house an additional 9,000 people. 

The next steps in implementing the masterplan are:

  1. A planning proposal to amend zoning, building height and other controls under Blacktown Local Environment Plan 2015. This planning proposal is currently on public exhibition (15 January - 21 February 2020). 

  2. Council, recognising the potential for the redevelopment of its Riverstone Village shopping centre to act as a ‘catalyst project’ for the transformation of the Riverstone Town Centre:

  • has undertaken a retail needs assessment to understand how much retail and commercial space the Riverstone Town Centre could support in the future

  • has engaged consultants to provide a commercial analysis of the redevelopment potential of the Riverstone Village shopping centre 

  • will use the commercial analysis to inform a request for Expressions of Interest to redevelop the shopping centre, that will be put to the development market once the planning proposal is nearing completion.