St Bartholomew’s Cemetery expansion

St Bart's

We are proposing to expand the historic St Bartholomew’s Cemetery to the east, over 8 hectares of vacant land. To enable this land to be used as a cemetery, a planning proposal has been prepared to change the land use zoning and reclassify the land from ‘community land’ to ‘operational land’.

The new cemetery land, which will be developed in stages over the next 40 years, will help to address a recognised shortage of cemetery space in Sydney.

The existing cemetery and expansion land

St Bartholomew’s Church and Cemetery were established in 1841. We lease the land from the Anglican Church from 1975 and acquired it in 2000. The 3.17 hectare cemetery contains some 3,600 graves. However, no new interment rights have been sold since 1972.

In 2016, 6 hectares of land to the east of the cemetery was transferred to us by the Minister for Planning, on the condition that it be used for cemetery purposes. A further 2 hectares of land is to be transferred over the next 2 – 3 years.

The expansion land includes the Old Prospect Post Office building (circa 1890) in Tarlington Place.

Vision and objectives

Our vision is to provide a dignified and attractive place for the interment and remembrance of the deceased that respects the heritage values of the site.

Our aims to:

  • provide a range of interment products and services to the community

  • preserve and promote the history and heritage of the site

  • activate the site and promote its attributes (historical graves, heritage buildings, landscape setting, far reaching views)

  • optimise the use of the land in a manner that is efficient, easy to maintain and visually appealing

  • be financially sustainable, to enable the site to be respectfully maintained in perpetuity.

What is the cemetery expansion likely to include?

The cemetery is expected to deliver:

  • an estimated 10,000 new burial plots over the next 40 years

  • above-ground crypts

  • columbarium walls and other options for ashes interment

  • ancillary facilities (e.g. chapel, café/florist, administration office) around Tarlington Place

  • the restoration and re-purposing of the Old Prospect Post Office

Preparation of a masterplan for the expanded cemetery will commence shortly.

Project status

A planning proposal for the cemetery expansion land as submitted to Council in August 2018, seeking to rezone the land to permit a cemetery use. We are awaiting a Gateway Determination from the Department of Planning and Environment that will enable the planning proposal to be exhibited. We invite you to view the status of the planning proposal.

A development application for earthworks on 1 hectare of vacant land on the existing cemetery site was submitted to Council in December 2018. The earthworks will facilitate the delivery of up to 1,200 grave sites, columbarium walls for ashes interment and new parking.