Meet our volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight


Brian Elliot

For Brian Elliot being a volunteer at Blacktown’s Plant Nursery is more than just having a green thumb, it’s about helping others in his community. Brian has been a volunteer for over 10 years and has no plans of stopping. “I’m enjoying every moment of being a volunteer. It’s healthy, mentally and physically, it keeps your mind active.” “It’s great to be able to give a lot back to the community, you pass on the information that you learn to others.”

Kathy Briggs

Kathy Briggs is proud to be known as one of the longest serving volunteers at the Animal Holding Facility. “My highlight while working as a volunteer at the Animal Holing Facility is seeing the unwanted and scared animals transform into friendly animals, who get adopted by loving families”. “There is a real sense of family among the other volunteers and volunteering brings the satisfaction and sense of purpose knowing that I am contributing to the community”.

Noel Willis

For Noel being a volunteer English tutor at Max Webber Library is more than just teaching migrants how to speak English, it’s about helping others in his community. “I’m retired and I thought I should be doing something useful for the community while I’m still healthy and active,” “I settled on that because I used to work at Fairfield Library, running the English conversation class for the multicultural community, and I could see how useful it was for both the volunteers and the community. “I find it very interesting and you meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. “Anyone who has the skills and the time should volunteer some of their time to help others.”


Colleen has volunteered with us over many different programs, since she first started in 2016. From volunteering in the community gardens, National Seniors Week and lastly being a Community Connector to help seniors get back to moving in the form of free dance classes and lessons. “For me I feel I am helping someone else in the community achieve something. Be it help them get involved in a new hobby and also help them meet new people and create new friendships as indeed I have”. “I volunteer my time to help others at a time in my life when and where I can. I also get rewarded as I get to meet great people and we all learn from each other”.