Coach of the year

Nominations are now open for Blacktown City coaches who have made a significant contribution to their club and/or association/district.

This award recognises the exceptional contribution made by a coach during 2019/20, either on or off the sporting field, with a focus on improving community sport through encouraging participation, fairness, integrity and making sport more welcoming, safe and inclusive.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must fulfil (1), and either (2), (3) or (4)

  1. The nominee is a product of Blacktown City Sports System and has contributed or participated in Blacktown City sports for a minimum of 2 Years
  2. The nominee is a resident in Blacktown Local Government Area (LGA)
  3. The nominee has investment property within Blacktown LGA
  4. The nominee has coached, trained, participated and/or represented Blacktown City. 

Selection criteria

  1. Coach at a club and/or association/district level
  2. Demonstrated achievement to make their team/club welcoming, safe and inclusive
  3. Success of coached individual / team
  4. Shows leadership including mentoring / education of other coaches
  5. Demonstrated commitment to continuous training and learning.

Selection process and voting