Nominate now for Sports Person of the Year

Nominations are now closed and will re-open on 1 December for next years nominations.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must fulfill (1) and (2), then either (3), (4) or (5)

  1. The nominee is a product of Blacktown City Sports System and has contributed or participated in Blacktown City sports for a minimum of 2 Years.

  2. The nominee must be older than 17 years of age as of 1 November 2019

  3. The nominee is a resident in Blacktown LGA

  4. The nominee has investment property within Blacktown LGA

  5. The nominee has coached, trained, participated and/or represented Blacktown City.

Selection Criteria

  1. Results and performance

  2. Level of competition – national and/or international.