Local Business Sustainability Award


We are pleased to sponsor the inaugural Sustainability Award as part of the Local Business Awards.

This award builds upon our work to promote sustainable best practice across our business community.

This award aims to recognise the achievements of local business practising and promoting sustainable practices that contribute to a more liveable and healthier city.

Local businesses nominating for this award must demonstrate the integration of sustainability practices to their business planning, operations and marketing and may include but not be limited to:

Reduction in energy use - eg. 

  • energy efficient lighting
  • energy efficient equipment
  • energy efficient appliances
  • natural light 
  • open windows
  • renewable energy

Reduction in water use - eg.

  • water efficient appliances
  • stormwater collection
  • use practices to reduce or combat water pollution  

Reduction in waste sent to landfill - eg.

  • reduce waste and packaging
  • recycle paper/cardboard
  • recycle cans, bottles recycle food/organic scraps

Environmentally friendly materials, products and services- eg.

  • use recycled materials
  • use of sustainable resources
  • use of locally grown food or locally produced goods
  • reduce/replace environmentally harmful materials

Environmentally sensitive building systems- eg.

  •  use low energy heating/cooling and ventilation
  • use environmentally sensitive building materials
  • installed rainwater tank/s
  • installed insulation

Partnerships with community sectors- eg.

  • sponsor school or community events

Family friendly- eg.

  • flexible working hours and conditions for staff

Ethical business practices/investments- eg.

  • products made in factories where a fair wage is paid
  • products/services provided as advertised to customers

Sustainable transport - eg.

  • reduction in use of fossil fuel
  • promote public transport, use of bicycles and carpooling
To nominate complete the 2019 Blacktown City Council Sustainability Award(PDF, 351KB) form, or collect a form from our Administration Centre located at 62 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown. Applications must be received by 5 pm Wednesday 3 April, 2019.