Environmental Recognition Business Program

Why join?

There are many benefits to getting recognised as an environmental business. Improving your businesses footprint is good for the environment, your bottom line and the community.

When customers and the local community know you are not just a business but a part of a solution to real environmental change together we can build a vibrate local economy where communities thrive.

The benefit to businesses

Reduce liability and penalty risk

• Poor environmental performance can leave business operators open to liabilities, penalties and significant clean-up costs.

Increase work safety and prevent environmental hazards

• Businesses who do not comply with environmental law can impact the local environment waterways and wildlife.

Receive recognition

• Obtaining recognition for your environmental efforts will enhance your business reputation and boost your competitive advantage.

Join the green business community in Blacktown

If you’re a business operating in the Blacktown government area and would like to know more about complying to environmental requirements, improving your environmental footprint or even gaining recognition for your existing environmental efforts, please contact us on 9839 6055 or visit www.blacktown.nsw.gov.au/business/ERBP