Clean Cities

We are committed to providing clean and safe public places and spaces for all our residents to use and enjoy.

Our Clean Cities Strategy aims to improve public place amenity by building community ownership and care towards public places. The Clean Cities approach combines existing street cleaning services with community engagement initiatives to create enhanced and liveable public spaces within our urban areas. 

What we are doing

  • carry out regular street sweeping, particularly in our shopping precincts

  • provide litter bins in public reserves, retail precincts and in high-use pedestrian areas - bins are emptied and maintained regularly

  • installing new enclosed litter bins with cigarette ashtrays for the easy disposal of cigarette butts

  • investigate illegal dumping of waste

  • conduct litter prevention and education campaigns

  • participate in Clean Up Australia Day. We provide volunteers with the support and equipment necessary to cleaned up local sites including schools, bushland and waterways every year

  • fund 'Keep Australia Beautiful' to deliver waste and environmental education in primary schools in the Blacktown area (incorporating the negative impacts of littering)

  • coordinate and deliver Community Pride Programs that empower the community, to improve their environment e.g. Adopt-A-Road

  • issue Environmental Infringement notices for littering offences under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.