Reducing litter 

Litter is any form of solid waste that has been left, through human activity, in a place it does not belong. The most common litter items are cigarette butts, fast food packaging, snack wrappers, beverage containers and paper.

Our Clean Cities Strategy aims to create spaces and places that are safe, well maintained, clean and inspiring. Clean places offer the community opportunities to be active and healthy. They also enable residents to value and experience the natural environment. Litter prevention is a key part of our strategy to enhance the wellbeing and amenity of the community and promote a clean and attractive City. It is also vital in protecting the health of local waterways as litter gets washed into drains during rain events.

We run a number of initiatives to reduce litter in our community including:

  • public education campaigns on litter prevention 

  • community clean-up events including Clean-up Australia Day

  • employing street cleaners who routinely clean the streets and pathways

  • issuing on the spot fines for littering

  • running volunteer programs.

Litter penalties 

  • littering with small items - $80

  • littering with an unlit cigarette or extinguished cigarette butt (excluding from a vehicle) - $80

  • littering with a lit cigarette (excluding from a vehicle) - $250

  • general littering - $250 (individuals) / $500 (corporations)

  • littering from vehicles (any litter) - $250 (individuals) / $500 (corporations)

  • aggravated littering which threatens public safety or the environment, such as intentionally breaking glass - $450 (individuals) / $900 (corporations)

  • depositing advertising material in a place or on a vehicle - $200 (individuals) / $400(corporations).

For more information contact our Environmental Sustainability staff on 9839 6000, or call the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage on 131 555.  

Report a tosser

If you observe someone littering from a vehicle, you can report them to the NSW Environment Protection Authority  which may issue the offender a fine of $250 or more. 

Join our Picitup initiative 

Would you like to do your part in keeping Blacktown City clean and sustainable?

Now you can thanks to Picitup, a clean cities initiative that encourages residents to carry a free environmentally friendly bag while on their daily or weekend walks around the City, and pick up any rubbish they may spot during that time.

The bag is a reusable with a shoulder strap, ensuring easy use for the carrier. Each bag also comes with washable reusable gloves. Participants are encouraged to take the litter home with them and place the items in the recycling or garbage bin as appropriate. Remember your recycling counts to earn you more green money points and participating also earns you points if you are registered with GreenMoney

By using the Picitup bag, not only are you helping ensure a clean and sustainable environment for current and future generations, you are also looking after the local wildlife and waterways located throughout our City.

Many types of litter and rubbish can be mistaken as food by wildlife. Rubbish such as cigarette butts when consumed by animals can cause pain and discomfort.

The aim of this campaign is to keep our City clean and sustainable, and look after our local wildlife and waterways. So get involved and continue to embrace a City we can all be proud of!

When you collect your bag we ask you to fill out a form so that we know who’s picking up litter around the Blacktown Local Government Area.

Where you can find a bag

  • Blacktown City Libraries 

  • Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope 

  • Emerton Leisure Centre 

  • Blacktown City Council 

  • Blacktown Visitor Information and Heritage Centre.