Eastern Creek waterway

Rain fall in our City will ultimately end up in 1 of the 3 major water bodies of the Sydney Basin: Sydney Harbour, the Georges River or the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.  

Together with our community, we care about the health of these waterways. Ways we work for healthy waterways include:

If you see a water pollution incident please contact us

Stormwater is rainwater that doesn't soak into the ground but flows from roofs, driveways, gutters and roads into the stormwater system. Urban environments generate a lot of stormwater because of all the hard surfaces.

Stormwater runs into our creeks and rivers. Unlike sewage, it isn't treated before it goes into the waterways.

Any litter, garden waste, oil or other chemicals that the water collects on hard surfaces like roads and in the gutters will end up in the waterways we use for swimming, fishing and recreation.

We are responsible for stormwater management, which involves transporting this rainwater from urbanised areas to the natural waterways. We do this by building and maintaining pathways and gutters.

We install and empty Gross Pollutant Traps to reduce the amount of litter that gets into the stormwater system.

Please help keep pollutants out of our stormwater, to improve the quality of our waterways.