Catchment management

Catchment management Waller Creek rehabilitation.jpg

Rain that falls within Blacktown City flows into 2 major catchments, either Sydney Harbour via the Parramatta River or the Hawkesbury-Nepean River via South Creek. Within these 2 major catchments there are 22 sub-catchments with 262 km of defined drainage lines.

In 2015 we conducted a rapid riparian assessment at 600 metre intervals on every creek.

We are developing sub-catchment management plans for all 22 sub-catchments. We are doing this by:

  • identifying the current land use and updating the spatial layers

  • analysing water quality, geomorphology and rapid riparian assessment data

  • identifying priority areas and project opportunities to improve liveability, waterway condition, ecological improvements.

The main outcome of the sub-catchment planning process is to define the current condition and suggest future actions to improve or protect waterway health.