Water sensitive city

Recreating at Ironbark Lake, The Ponds

Six streams - Blacktown City Council’s Integrated water strategy 2020

The way we manage water in cities influences almost every aspect of the urban environment and how we live in it.

There are many challenges in addressing water management into the future, including: a growing population; stressed waterways; a changing climate and increasing housing pressure.

This strategy reviews all elements of the urban water cycle, and sets out a strategic approach to managing water, in partnership with other agencies, to create a more liveable city, with specific targets to be achieved by 2036.

The strategy sets out a vision for Blacktown City to become ‘water sensitive’, a city that;

• uses water in an efficient and smart way

• recognises water can improve the local amenity and combat urban heat

• has highly valued waterways

• recognises the role of water in creating high quality open spaces and that water can be used to create vibrant precincts.

The strategy will help Council with protecting communities from flooding, improving and protecting waterway health, reducing water consumption, reducing urban heat impacts, adapting our city to climate change, improving biodiversity, and improving liveability.

This strategy positions Blacktown City at the forefront of sustainable urban development and liveable communities. It enables our city to become an attractive place to live and work, and for us to continue to be recognised as a leader in urban water management.

Six streams Blacktown City Council’s Integrated water strategy 2020(PDF, 19MB)