Our Children

Children in Blacktown

Blacktown City is a Child Friendly Community that places great important on the care and safety of children through our Kids' Early Learning centres, libraries, community events and community consultation.

We regularly consult children about development in our city and welcome feedback to better meet the needs of children.

For more information, please view our Children Social Profile Snapshot(PDF, 2MB).

Children’s Services Directory – Mount Druitt

The Mount Druitt edition of the 2018 Children’s Services Directory(PDF, 6MB) is an initiative of Child friendly Communities project, funded by Communities for Children, Mission Australia.

We hope that this resource provides useful information for community organisations, educators, practitioner and human services working with children and their families in Mount Druitt.

We understand the important of facilitating a connected and responsive community of practitioners to provide access to services for children and families.

For more information about children and young people, please contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009 or via email.