Plastic free for you and me! Photo competition winners

Plastic Free July

We received great entries for our Plastic for you and me! photo competition.

While we had many creative ideas for going plastic free, some of them particularly stood out.

The winners were:

1st prize – Anne N

 Anne 1st Prize.jpg

2nd prize – Bethany L

Bethany 2nd Prize.jpg

3rd prize – Rachel Z

Rachel1 3rd Prize.jpeg
Rachel2 3rd Prize.jpeg


These winning ideas involved repurposing old materials and their practical solutions would be easy and convenient to use. 

Special acknowledgement goes to Kids Early Learning (KEL) Lalor Park for running their own plastic free July art competition and involving both parents and children.

More ways you can reduce plastic:-

- bring your own container when eating at restaurants to bring leftovers home instead of using plastic containers
- make your own preserves and condiments
- buy second hand clothing
- bring your own reusable cutlery wherever you go
- buy from bulk food stores and use your own containers

Remember, we can choose to refuse all year round.